Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Golden Years Assisted Living is a Wisconsin-licensed Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) that provides personalized care ranging from limited support to more extensive around-the-clock attention to daily living tasks including bathing, dressing, and medication assistance.

We meet with each resident and family before they move in – and at regular intervals thereafter – to help determine personal preferences and care needs which results in a comprehensive and customized plan of care for each resident. Our staff is carefully selected and well-trained, and as individual needs change over time, we adapt our care to continue to provide appropriate tailored assistance in each diverse situation.

Our resident rooms are single or double occupancy and all rooms have a private washroom. Assisted Living Residence rates are based on the type of accommodation and the level of care required to meet the needs of the resident.

The basic monthly fee covers the resident’s room, all meals, snacks, basic care, personal and flat laundry service, housekeeping, social service intervention, cable television service, and wireless internet. Additional fees are incurred when a resident’s needs exceed basic care or when additional supplies or services are provided for a specific resident.

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