Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Golden Years partners with Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency to provide inpatient and outpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology Services. Our therapy gyms are outfitted with state of the art rehabilitation equipment to best facilitate a multitude of rehabilitation and therapy treatments and full services are available at both our Walworth and Lake Geneva locations.

Therapy services are often used to help speed the recovery and healing process after a surgery or injury. Many times this service is provided through a short term rehab stay that is covered by Medicare. In addition, therapy services are available to help with pain management and help to enhance and maintain daily functional abilities. While inpatient services focus on Golden Years’ seniors, outpatient services are available to non-residents of all ages.

Our therapists offer specialized pain management treatment modalities like electrical stimulation, diathermy, and ultrasound in addition to trigger point acupressure and manual techniques. They are also trained in resistive and aerobic exercise specialized for the elderly to enable the highest possible level of function and most effective recovery process.

Though Greenfield Rehabilitation is a contracted partner, Golden Years is served by a consistent team of therapists. This continuity is important because it allows our nursing staff and therapists to work together as a cohesive team. That means treatments, evaluations, and care is provided in a more personalized and comprehensive manner which often leads to better and longer lasting results.

Each treatment plan of care is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual, and services are available 7 days a week. Therapy services are often covered by Medicare through part A or part B coverage, though private insurance and private payment is also accepted. For more information regarding costs and coverage including insurance network status and Medicare limits, call Golden Years in Walworth at 262-275-6103, Golden Years in Lake Geneva at 262-249-1960 or contact us online.