Continuing to Care. Privileged to Serve.

When the Golden Years started, Eugene and Margaret Anne Austin, along with their son Rich, didn’t look at senior living as a business investment and they didn’t have grand visions of what Golden Years would become. They simply loved serving seniors. Over the years, that passion hasn’t changed. Golden Years has continued to grow because we’ve wanted to offer our seniors the best facilities and services possible, and we’re grateful we haven’t been alone. Our families has been blessed to serve alongside some of the finest staff that anyone could ask for, and they’ve shared in our passion. It has truly been a privilege to serve so many seniors and their families, and as God continues providing, we intend to continue serving. We think that’s why Golden Years is like no other place, and it’s the basis for our slogan. The truth is, it’s more than just words to us. We are continuing to care. We are privileged to serve.

Jeff Austin & Jon Stankevitz

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